F/X Creme Colors



Ben Nye F/X Creme Colors produce life-like, "in the skin" effects for black eyes, bruises, abrasions, burns, and character detailing. F/X Colors are acutely designed, boldly pigmented and micro-blended in a silky, buildable texture. For a "wash effect", brush a few drops of alcohol onto painted colors. Set with Neutral Set Powder and spray with Final Seal to resist perspiration. Expect 20-100 applications per .3 oz size

[BNFX2] Bruise FX-2
[BNFX32] Dried Blood FX-32
[BNFX321] Dark Sunburn FX-321
[BNFX72] Black & Blue FX-72
[BNFX77] Dark Brown FX-77
[BNFX9] Grey Purple FX-9
[BNFX91] Vein FX-91
[BNFX97] Blue FX-97
[BNFX10] Sapphire Blue FX-10
[BNFX13] Capillary Stipple FX-13
[BNFX19] Age Spot FX-19
[BNFX4] Charcoal Blue FX-4
[BNFX6] Purple FX-6
[BNFX34] Fresh Cut FX-34


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