Disguise Stix


Brand Graftobian

Graftobian Disguise Stix makeup is easy to use, non-toxic temporary coloring for the skin and hair. For use, the coloring is dipped briefly in water and applied using brushes, sponges, etc. Each convenient wooden applicator provides enough coloring to cover the average face several times. Removes with soap and water. 

[GR78017] Midnight Black
[GR78010] Ghost Grey
[GR78004] Clown White
[GR78014] Ivory Cream
[GR78007] Deep Purple
[GR78013] Irish Green
[GR78020] Neptune Blue
[GR78027] Sunshine Yellow
[GR78009] Fire Orange
[GR78003] Circus Red
[GR78001] Teddy Bear Brown
[GR78022] Pirate Gold
[GR78019] Moonlight Silver



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