Paradise Makeup AQ 40gm



Mehron's world famous, premium quality, water based face and body painting product. Paradise Makeup AQ comes in richly pigmented, beautiful colors that are great for creating designs from head-to-toe. The 40gm container is the perfect size and shape for the professional face and body painter. Application: Paradise is activated with a small amount of water. Moisten the sponge or brush and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream. Remove with soap and water.

[MH800B] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Black 
[MH800DGR] Paradise AQ Water Based Maekup Dark Green
[MH800DPK] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Dark Pink
[MH800LAG] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Lagoon Blue
[MH800LBR] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Light Brown
[MH800LM] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Lime
[MH800O] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Orange
[MH800P] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Purple
[MH800R] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Red
[MH800SC] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Storm Cloud
[MH800T] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Teal
[MH800V] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Violet
[MH800W] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup White
[MH800Y] Paradise AQ Water Based Makeup Yellow
[MH800BSA] Paradise AQ Brilliant Argente/Silver
[MH800BGD] Paradise AQ Brilliant Dore/Gold


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