Latex Prosthetic Applications: Injuries


Brand Woochie

Latex Applications: Injuries by Woochie can be applied using Spirit Gum. Brush the Spirit Gum on the back of the prosthetic appliance anywhere it will touch the skin. Spirit Gum can also be applied directly to the skin. For best adhesion, after pressing the appliance into place, rapidly remove and replace the appliance several times to make the Spirit Gum tacky, then firmly hold appliance in place. Add Blood or Blood Gel for a realistic look.

[CCWO010] Grand Opening
[CCWO007] Everlasting Kiss
[CCWO003] Body Hits 
[CCWO147] Scar Set
[CCWO146] Slash Set
[CCWO623] Slashed Neck
[3341085123] Cut Set
[CCWO153] 3-D Burn
[CCWO637] Jokester


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