Fantasy F/X Water Based Makeup 1 oz



Fantasy F/X by Mehron is a water-based, highly pigmented soft cream makeup in a plastic squeeze tube. Apply with sponge, brush, or fingertips to skin or hair. Remove with soap and water.

[6429450117] Fantasy FX Water Based Bronze 
[6429450118] Fantasy FX Water Based Copper  
[6429450110] Fantasy FX Water Based Gold
[6429450123] Fantasy FX Water Based Liberty Green
[6429450127] Fantasy FX Water Based Monster Grey 
[6429450107] Fantasy FX Water Based Purple 
[6429450109] Fantasy FX Water Based Silver 
[6429450121] Fantasy FX Water Based Teal 
[6429450113] Fantasy FX Water Based Zombie Flesh  
[6429450143] Fantasy FX Water Based Brown 
[6429450195] Fantasy FX Water Based Glow In the Dark 
[6429450106] Fantasy FX Water Based Green 
[6429450122] Fantasy FX Water Based Kelly Green 
[6429450111] Fantasy FX Water Based Orange 
[6429450104] Fantasy FX Water Based Yellow  
[6429450101] Fantasy FX Water based White  
[6429450102] Fantasy FX Water Based Black 
[6429450105] Fantasy FX Water Based Blue 



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