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Creme Effects Wheels



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Ben Nye Pro Creme Wheels provide professionals with unlimited character options. Set with Neutral Set Powder. 

Expect 100-600 designs per 1oz/28gm wheel.

[BNMDW] Master Disaster - FX-35 Dark Crimson, FX-34 Fresh Cut, FX-72 Black&Blue, FX-33 Blood Red, CL-19 Blue, FX-0(C) White 
[BNZW] Zombie Wheel - FX-32 Dried Blood, FX-7 Midnite Violet, FX-121 Goldenrod, FX-2 Bruise, FX-11 Sallow Green, CL-25(C) Steel Grey  
[BNMW] Monster Wheel - P-16 Blue Spirit, P-15 Cadaver Grey, CL-15 Maroon, CL-17 Mist Violet, P-14 Sallow Green, CL-1(C) White  
[BNRW] Rainbow Wheel - CL-5 Extra Dark, CL-3 Green, CL-7 Orange, CL-19 Blue, CL-13 Fire Red, CL-29(C) Black 
[BNRB] Red, White, and Black CL-29, CR-1, CL-1
[BNDW] Death Wheel - P-21 Frankenstein, P-22 Death Blue Grey, P-19 Death Flesh, P-17 Death Purple, P-18 Death Straw, P-20 Pale Vampire
[BNEW3] Effects Wheel Cuts and Bruises EW-3
[BNEW5] Effects Wheel Burns & Blisters EW-5 




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