Color Hair Spray


Brand Graftobian

Graftobian's Color Hair Sprays are intense, concentrated hair colors,  and they are the best on the market. One can of Color Spray will cover 2 heads easily.Always have adequate ventilation when spraying.

Glitter Spray is ideal for prom or wedding updos, gymnastic and dance competitions and exhibitions, finishing touch to a costume, or any time the hair, neck, skin, etc. requires some serious sparkle! Opalescent Glitter is especially versatile - it's a soft fairy dust like shimmer that has tremendous impact on dark hair and skin

Fluorescent Sprays are brilliant under black light!

[GR12401] White 12401
[GR12402] Black 12402
[GR12403] Red 12403
[GR12404] Green 12404
[GR12405] Blue 12405
[GR12406] Yellow 12406
[GR12407] Purple 12407
[GR12408] Grey 12408
[GR12409] Gold 12409 
[GR12410] Silver 12410
[GR12411] Blonde 12411
[GR12412] Brunette 12412

[GR12481] Opalescent Glitter 12481
[GR12482] Silver Glitter 12482
[GR12483] Gold Glitter 12483
[GR12484 Multi Glitter 12484
[GR12486] Blue Glitter 12486 

[GR12413] Fluorescent Pink 12413
[GR12414] Fluorescent Yellow 12414
[GR12415] Fluorescent Blue 12415
[GR12416] Fluorescent Green 12416
[GR12417] Fluorescent Orange 12417
[GR12418] Fluorescent Violet 12418



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