Sparklers Glitter



Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter can be applied to the face, body, and hair. Set Sparklers into creme makeup or lips. Spray LiquiSet to skin and lightly dust on glitter for a delicate, sparkle finish. Mix with Glitter Glue or LiquiSet for detailed applications. Expect 10-50 applications per .14oz size

[BNMD2] Fire Red MD-2
[BNMD3] Gold MD-3
[BNMD4] Silver MD-4
[BNMD5] Royal Blue MD-5
[BNMD6] Fuchsia MD-6
[BNMD7] Emerald Green MD-7
[BNMD8] Brilliant Purple MD-8
[BNMD11] Black Diamond MD-11
[BNMD13] Galactic Violet MD-13





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