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MagiColor Liquid Paints



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Richly pigmented MagiColor Liquid Paints dry to a smudge and water-resistant finish. Apply with brush or sponge, or thin with LiquiSet and apply with air brush.

[BNML03] Black 1oz   [BNML04] Black 4oz
[BNML05] Red 1oz   [BNML06] Red 4oz
[BNML07] Blue 1oz   [BNML08] Blue 4oz
[BNML09] Bright Yellow 1oz  
[BNML11] Green 1oz   [BNML12] Green 4oz
[BNML15] Purple 1oz
[BNML19] Orange 1oz
[BNML25] Grey 1oz
[BNML31] Cosmic Blue 1oz   [BNML431] Cosmic Blue 4oz
[BNML32] Kelly Green 1oz   [BNML432] Kelly Green 4oz
[BNML35] Royal Violet 1oz




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