MagiCake Aqua Paints



MagiCakes by Ben Nye produce exquisite color for fantasy, face and body paint. Excellent as face and body makeup. Apply with a damp sponge and gently pat surface while moist to even out texture, or apply with a flat brush for detail. For a smudge resistant finish, use LiquiSet in place of water. Spray with Final Seal to extend wear and prevent perspiration. Expect 25-50 applications per each CF container. Expect 75-175 applications per each LA container

[BNCF1] Cloud White CF-1 .21oz       [BNLA1] Cloud White LA-1 .77oz
[BNCF3] Licorice Black CF-3 .21oz   [BNLA3] Licorice Black LA-3 .77oz
[BNCF4] Fire Red CF-4 .21oz
[BNCF5] Bright Red CF-5 .21oz         [BNLA5] Bright Red LA-5 .77oz
[BNCF6] Calypso Blue CF-6 .21oz     [BNLA6] Calypso Blue LA-6 .77oz
[BNCF62] Cosmic Blue CF-62 .21oz
[BNCF65] Marine Blue CF-65 .21oz     [BNLA65] Marine Blue LA-65 .77oz
[BNCF8] Turquoise CF-8 .21oz
[BNCF81 Tahitian Blue CF-81 .21oz
[BNCF9] Sunshine Yellow CF-9 .21oz
[BNCF108] Lime Green CF-108 .21oz
[BNCF11] Emerald Green CF-11 .21oz
[BNCF112] Kelly Green CF-112 .21oz   [BNLA112] Kelly Green LA-112 .77oz
[BNCF13] Vivid Violet CF-13 .21oz
[BNCF14] Magenta CF-14 .21oz
[BNCF165] Bazooka Pink CF-165 .25oz
[BNCF17] Bright Orange CF-17 .25oz
[BNCF21] Warm Brown CF-21 .25oz
[BNCF23] Grey CF-23 .25oz





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