Liquid Latex



Ben Nye's Liquid Latex is a multi-purpose liquid rubber, often called slip rubber. Create 3-D appliances in a slush mold, seal modeling wax or apply to skin for aging, blisters and wounds. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin with brush or sponge. Apply additional layers if needed, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly. Fair flesh-tone dries nearly transparent. Swab beneath edges of latex with Quick Cleanse (or similar remover) and gently peel to remove. Expect 8-20 applications per ounce.

Ben Nye Liquid Latex Natural Rubber Adhesive

[BNLL1] Liquid Latex 1 fl. oz LL-1
[BNLL2] Liquid Latex 2 fl. oz LL-2
[BNLL25] Liquid Latex 4 fl. oz LL-25
[BNLL3] Liquid Latex 8 fl. oz LL-3
[BNLL5] Liquid Latex 32 fl. oz LL-5



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